Culinary Christmas
25/12/2015, 04:39
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christmas eve turned into a culinary documentary of deliciousness… 

Shall we say #marcato? 



Electric Sex
21/12/2015, 04:51
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Weekend highlight: getting caught taking a picture of 1983 style “Electric Sex in the Window”  

Signature Room, Signature Style (Chicago, Illinois)
21/12/2015, 02:54
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Beautiful views from the 96th floor of the John Hancock building. 


Frostival (Houston, Texas)
25/11/2015, 19:00
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Commodores (Kemah, Texas)
16/11/2015, 16:51
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Easy like Monday morning…

I can’t help but hear that tune when I think about a great weekend just had and how easy this Monday morning is. All smiles.  

Sailing, Farmer’s Market and Miller Outdoor Theater! What a great day.     

Ski bunny goes Vball (Houston, Texas)
16/11/2015, 16:47
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Kari Traa ski bunny goes Volleyball!

I couldn’t help it when I saw the sand at Wakefield Crowbar this Halloween. 

And actually the layers of my ski gear worked wonderfully for the volleyball court too. 



Tootsies (Houston, Texas)
15/09/2015, 20:15
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Another fun behind the scenes picture from the fashionista herself.
http://ift.tt/1KkX050 I tak-ful.com


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