Shooting (Valencia, Spain)
28/08/2015, 09:21
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Perseverance (Buñol, Spain)
I wasn’t sure what to call this blog post…
At 1st, I thought, name it “La Tomatina”, exactly what the event is called.
Then I thought, no, “Tomato Madness” is hilarious and cute.
…But after awhile, I really thought about why I was there, and what it took…
– 6 years ago I found my self very interested in experiencing something like this after seeing a Kiwi’s scrapbook in Chicago.
– 4 years ago I started asking Coloradoans to go with me…
So, after reflecting a bit about what the struggle to make it happen, I decided this post would be called “Perseverance”.
And here are the pictures collected from other’s perspectives yesterday.  What you get when you do not take a camera of your own, and you collect what others have captured of you…
But please note I had a GoPro strapped to me, so stay tuned for the up close and personal video footage.  :)
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Arriving in Bunol, at the crack of dawn – approximately 7:30am??
All suited up – lol.
Walking around scoping out the scene.
2 bunol baby
Just after getting doused with water, from up above the buildings – putting our goggles on and getting ready for tomatoes.  :)
3 right before the madness
4 aussie friends
Check  point!
5 security
Checking my gear – there is a first time for everything.  A little different than my DSLR.  ;)
6 gear check politcally correct
Sauced up!
7 sauced up
Done deal!
better sauced up
Mary opting for the “bathing option” after the showers.  You just can’t clean up enough after an event like that.
9 mary bathing

Plaza de la Virgen (Valencia, Spain)
26/08/2015, 23:21
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After being inspired by a friend’s La Tomatina scrapbook pictures back in Chicago in 2009, and finding a “partner in crime”, willing to go on this endeavor, we found some cheap Ryan Air tickets from England to Spain.

Originally only seeing the city of Valencia as ‘the Avenue’ to check one more box on my Bucket List, and to get saucy with some serious tomatoes, I was pleasantly surprised by this beautiful city when we arrived.

It almost reminded me of Houston, Texas, with the warm weather and palm trees, and my friend and I smiled.  A bit of an upgrade from the weather in London for sure!   It is absolutely gorgeous with the historical Spanish architecture, the tropical landscaping, and the flare it’s people bring to the normal hustle and bustle of life.

Here is a glimpse of our first day on the road in Spain…

(Day 1 in Spain was pretty much checking out the Plaza de la Virgen and everything around it.  After getting up at 2:30am to catch a bus to London’s Stansted airport, that was enough!)

mary and i in spain 2bDSC_4721 1bDSC_4719 3bDSC_4748 bDSC_4727 bDSC_4729 bDSC_4731 bDSC_4741

Voltage (Europe)
And a note about the madness in having the right shapes and quantities…

Plug shapes and voltages vary from country to country. N. America, Europe, the UK, and Australia all use different plug shapes, …and N. American power outlets provide 120 volts at 60 Hz, while outlets in Europe provide 230 volts at 50 Hz. 

A really cool map of ALL the differences across the world can be found at: 
But this is what it looks like as I fall asleep here in London:
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*In My Element* (The White Hart Brew Pub, London)
Have I ever met a stranger?   No.  lol
 Why wouldn’t I want to take pictures of beautiful people having fun on such a gorgeous day?
Just after a really tasty burger and a half pint of Kronenbourg 1664, of course!
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This one (East London, England)

Yesterday was West London, today is East London.

Most will tell you East London is very diverse, and it’s not as posh as West London, but this one right here, she had me at hello.

She was discussing a project for work, and I snapped this image of her.
Love it.  Love her.
Good times.

Everything you need to know about E. London:  http://www.buzzfeed.com/ailbhemalone/a-locals-guide-to-east-london#.rsk4mm9qz6


Perspectives (London, England)
I worked fast to catch this shot.  I thought she was gorgeous, and I loved her swagger.
It was only afterward that I realized I also captured one of my favorite parts of the European experience:
The older generation looking down.
It’s all about your perspective!
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