DAY 1 (Orvieto, Italy)

As you may have already heard, right after the Houston Tak-ful.com Studio Grand Opening (video posted at https://www.facebook.com/TakfulPhotography), I had the great pleasure to travel with 2 amazing National Geographic photographers that have aced photography education and international tourism in the most amazing ways.  It was an adventure of a lifetime in the Umbria region of Italy, and each morning started with a yoga class, and included a new location, interesting perspectives, and reviews of our photographs and techniques.

The first day of intense learning included an enchanting trip to Orvieto, in Southern Umbria, surrounded by walls built of the same volcanic stone it sits upon.  Population? 21,043 (2008)  Area?  108 sq mi (281 km²)

Here are some of my favorite shots from that late afternoon adventure….

Panning is always fun with bikes of all kinds in the streets!!



Right across from the Duomo, in the main plaza.

duomo orvieto

While most will show you a picture of the front of the famous Duomo church, I found the behind the scenes perspective quite artistic….



A fellow student shooting a wine bottle in one of the most interesting wine cellars…

4 KannalTammy_Day1_003

A fun Finnish woman showing us her scarf!

5 KannalTammy_Day1_0046 KannalTammy_Day1_005

One adorable boy playing in the square:

7 KannalTammy_Day1_001

A fantastic portrait opportunity, of a very sweet church keeper:

8 KannalTammy_Day1_007

Orvieto Views:

orvieto views

Running late!

A very random ride to the restaurant – too fun!

9 1505_untitled_500

Orvieto is just outside of Rome, in the Umbria region:

2 map orvieto

When in Rome…. (Rome, Italy)

When in Rome, do as the Italians do…

This made me laugh, as I recall seeing my first bidet while traveling in Italy almost 15 years ago.

I’ll tag this as an “abnormal encounter” for the American readers, but it certainly isn’t abnormal for Italy.

…Getting ready for my shuttle ride to Umbria today, and an experience of a lifetime.  :)

Hilton Rome Airport
Via Arturo Ferrarin
2, 00054 Fiumicino (Roma) Italia
Centralino: +39 06 6525.8

bedet and toilet

I AMSTERDAM (Vegas Style)

How to tour Amsterdam in 72 hours and come away with 80+ beautiful images (http://tak-ful.com/tulips) and GoPro footage…..

(Click on all 7 hyperlinks below to see more pictures and to learn more details about each stop.)

  1. Decide on a coffee shop experience, a “green” experience vs. the coffee shop I fell in love with here.  You can ride a bicycle to power your devices, enjoy an amazing view of the waterway and the videography museum across the way, as well as delicious bagel sandwiches (my fave!).  To top it off, you find yourself pulling the toilet paper from a tree in the restrooms and a chalkboard for you to leave your mark in the stall.  On the way out, the friend wait staff will entice you to take a free apple.  See pictures in this link:  https://tammytumbleweed.wordpress.com/2015/04/08/bagels-beans-amsterdam-holland/
  2. Seriously consider staying at the Room Mate Aitana Hotel with unparalleled views, great access to most areas of downtown, and a reasonable parking option https://tammytumbleweed.wordpress.com/2015/04/08/hotel-room-mate-aitana-amsterdam-holland/
  3. Get Seg’n whether you have a tour guide or not!  Run out in front of a bus like my fiancé, or drive by the Red Light district.  It’s up to you, but you will see the city in one efficient way!  Pictured: Look behind me (and my GoPro – lol) at the view down the street in the distance.  The pictures never do it justice, and this was taken on a cell phone, but, it is what it is – use your imagination, as if you stumbled upon this Seg’n.  J https://tammytumbleweed.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/segn-amsterdam-holland/
  4. Finally, if you are staying by the airport, give the Holiday Inn Express a whirl.  They have really decent rates (less than $99 a night), and they are within walking distance from probably your best option in dining, GUSTO Ristorante (Italian).  Fine service and fine food, and each table is adorned with long stemmed white roses.  Oh Holland!  I love you and your flowers!  Check it:  https://tammytumbleweed.wordpress.com/2015/04/08/gusto-amsterdam-holland
  5. Check out the world famous Den Haag & a pretty fantastic showing of the bicycle transportation and storage: https://tammytumbleweed.wordpress.com/2015/04/04/den-haag-de-fietsen/
  6. And last but not least, the reason I went to The Netharlands:  The Keukenhof Tulip Gardens are impeccable.   A must see for anyone with a bucket list: Check it:  https://tammytumbleweed.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/kuekenhof-amsterdam-holland/


*** BE SURE to check out ALL 80+ images from my walking tour as well, at: http://tak-ful.com/tulips ***


Gusto (Amsterdam, Holland)
08/04/2015, 21:19
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Another fine find!

We just loved this Italian restaurant.  The food and service were great. 

And each table was topped off with long stem white roses!  Gorgeous!

If you are staying at the Holiday Inn Express by the Schiphol airport, make this your dinner place!

Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Schiphol

Jupiterstraat 162-200, 2132 HH Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)23 82 00 090



Bagels & Beans (Amsterdam, Holland)
08/04/2015, 01:21
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IJdok 49, 1013 MM Amsterdam

Loved this coffee shop!   And it actually was a ‘coffee shop’!  😉

Gorgeous views.  

Biking machines that generate power.  

And bathrooms with toilet paper hanging on the trees and chalk boards so you may ‘leave your mark’. 

Truly an amazing experience.  

My bagel sandwich was fantastic – and I received a free apple on the way out. 

Lovely.  Just lovely.  





Hotel Room Mate Aitana (Amsterdam, Holland)
08/04/2015, 01:13
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Amazing setting on the water with beautiful Architecture!



Seg’n (Amsterdam, Holland)
07/04/2015, 04:32
Filed under: Events/Excursions, Observations/Perspectives

The best way to tour a city in one hour…

Seg’n it!



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