Hershey Park (West Houston, Texas)
01/08/2015, 15:13
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The Terry Hershey Park Hike & Bike Trail is an east-west route along the banks of the Buffalo Bayou in western Houston. It provides more than 10 miles of trail from Barker Dam (near State Highway 6) to Texas Beltway 8 and the Sam Houston Tollway. On its west end, it connects to the George Bush Park Hike and Bike Trail, so trail-goers could seamlessly extend their trip by another 11 miles.

The park also offers restrooms, exercise stations, a playground, and places to picnic. It’s named after a founder of the Bayou Preservation Association.

Future plans call for extending the trail north, under I-10, to the Addicks Dam, then east to Eldridge Parkway and west to Metro’s Addicks Park and Ride Lot.

Maid (Houston, Texas)
31/07/2015, 12:53
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Minute Maid Park, is Houston’s first retractable-roofed stadium, located at Union Station, and there is a train that runs back and forth for every Astro’s home run with a coal car that is filled with oranges, but the most entertaining of all of this on a Thursday night, were these sweet, highly energetic people I met. This bunch MAID the night. :)


Bubblewrap (Houston, Texas)
29/07/2015, 22:38
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Here’s the last thing I thought I’d find in Houston while running through Spotts Park…

You start by playing soccer, except that at any moment you could be hit full-speed by your best friend – now your worst enemy – and sent rolling and tumbling on the ground. The best part is that after you get hit, you laugh about it, get back on your feet, and keep playing.
“How?” because you are running with a giant, inflatable, transparent bubble around the top half of your body which protects you.
Bubble bump Houston Ltd. Co.
Instagram: @bubblebumphouston

Facebook: Bubble Bump Houston
Bubble Bump Houston thinks business is as much for social good as it is for making a profit, which is why 10% of all purchases gets donated to one of three local, Houston charities.

Yes this is me ‘suited up’.  Lol!

One amazing team pose:


The guys battling it out:

Pretty cool!

Oasis (Austin, Texas)
28/07/2015, 17:28
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…and after we got the TPMS’ing handled, they recommended a bit of an Oasis to me to sit down and relax.

Now this right here was hard to part with:

I felt like the female statue.


And the entrepreneur started in Houston.

That’s his house on the right.

Glad I hit this mid week during the day though.

I would not have enjoyed the views as much with their typical crowds.


The owner is an interior designer and restaurant owner all in one, that used to be right here in Houston, on Westheimer.
The entrance ways are just as beautiful as the views in the back. :)

TPMS’ing (Lake Travis, Texas)
27/07/2015, 03:49
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Yes, there is a 1st time for everything, and my first time to be TPMS’ing happened in Austin.

My German car was telling me one of the tires was low (not which one), and I was frustrated.  I gave them all a quick look and I didn’t see anything visable to the eye.  I figured it was the heat, but the warning lights were going crazy.  I am not from Austin, and I was by the lake where things are a bit different than Houston.  I was looking for an air pump and I finally saw a Shell station.

Little did I know, the Shell would be the most difficult thing to turn into with the landscape and concrete parking medians, and I accidentally turned into the local Fire Station.  I quickly put it in reverse to turn around and Kyle walked out with a tire gauge.  I kinda laughed as I told them I was looking for an air pump.  Bryan than walked out and said they had been changing tires all day.

Long story short, all the tires had the proper tire inflation, and I successfully reset the TPMS system with the owner’s manual.  Talk about a car throwing a fit. – It was TPMS’ing.  Crazy!

The guys were super helpful and they did not mind at all.

Their last words were, ‘We’re saving lives one tire at a time.”

180’s (Lake Austin, Texas)
26/07/2015, 02:43
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It had been too long.

So long that I could not even figure out how long it had been. And my June plans to come out to Austin to wakeboard, were smothered by massive amounts of rain and flooding.

So there I was.   In July.

Finally, stepping into the water, like I hadn’t skipped a beat…

My instructor hooked me up with 2 things:

1. The warmer water (if you are too close to the dam it will be colder than the Ohio water I learned this crazy sport in)

2. A mini run down of what it takes to do my 180’s (a short lived stint I never perfected)

And it was like God was smiling at me
. The Lake was all our own. There were so few boats out there I almost thought it was my own private lake. Nothing to create wakes working against my ride. Just me, my driver, and clear sunny skies.

I took it easy and it all went well. Before no time I was catching some air and feeling on top of the world. And just at the right time, my instructor gave me the right coaxing, and voila, a 180!

Passing immaculate million dollar homes, made me quickly start to recall a life dream I had told so many, for so many years.

Dream:  Living in a castle on the Rhine River, with a wakeboarding boat driver that takes me out for my “morning run” every day. I doubt  a castle would bring me that much happiness, and I am kind of “over” Germany, but peace filled me like no other as I recalled that dream, that I almost felt I was living.  For half the fun in living, is dreaming, right?


I’m glad I received just the right push to get me back in the saddle. I will definitely be back very soon. And it is quite fitting, as I almost feel like my life is doing a 180 as well.

Hmmmm…. The little things I tell ya. It’s the little things.

Of course we need a picture in the mirror. :)

Make it Hap’n Cap’n (Lake Austin, Texas)
24/07/2015, 15:30
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Yes, it was time to make this happen.

And all I could think of was the saying, “Make it Happen Captain!”

(Picture taken by random guy at the water’s edge named Mike.  Thanks Mike!)

Lake Austin, formerly Lake McDonald, a water reservoir on the Colorado River (I knew there was a reason I liked it).


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