The Malibu Shoot (The Heights, Houston)
28/06/2015, 14:32
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The gorgeous session with @whereshewendt and one amazing ‘65 Malibu Chevy is now available for viewing @takfulphotography.  Go to http://tak-ful.com/cars/ to see the rest. 


‘65 Malibu Chevy Shoot (The Heights, Houston, Texas)

Behind the Scenes photo taken of me and my subject by the ‘65 Malibu Chevy owner.  Too fun!

I feel privileged to be able to shoot such a beautiful girl with such an amazing car.

Shoot images will be on http://tak-ful.com/ by the end of the week.  Be sure to check out the Tak-ful Photography Portfolio updates!


Malibu shoot


Postponements (Newport, Rhode Island)

This is the last of the Newport blog posts, so it includes our view of the bay, and if you look close enough, the Texas flag that was hanging on Leading Edge.  It also includes an adorable French piece of art, I woke up to every day.  Parfait!!

So I learned that the postponement flag is not really the Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat… Ha ha!

… and that postponements can be a very good thing.

Our Sunday race was postponed a couple times…

And as a result, we ended up exploring at the IYRS.edu, then we checked out Ted Turner’s boat – Courageous.

Further down in this post you will also see one sharp looking race committee out on the water, and more pictures from the New York Yacht Club that night.

Waking up to this room - just made my day, every day!

Waking up to this room – just made my day, every day!

Drinking our morning coffee to this view, was not a bad gig.  Check out the Texas flag (on Leading Edge) to the left, just above the roof in the foreground.  Rhode Island – Texas Style!

Drinking a Cup of Joe

Drinking a Cup of Joe

As a result of the race postponement (because of lack of wind), checking out the IYRS:

IYRS.EDU – School of Technology & Trades
Make Anything Possible
449 Thames Street, Suite 111
Newport, RI 02840



IYRS Entrance

IYRS Entrance


DSC_0886 DSC_0877

DSC_0887 DSC_0889

Checking out Ted Turner’s (founder of the Cable News Network more popularly known as CNN) boat, “Courageous”:

Courageous is a 12-Metre Class yacht.  She was the third boat to win the America’s Cup twice, in 1974 and 1977.

DSC_0896 DSC_0901 DSC_0909

DSC_0927 z emblem DSC_0928 One stellar race committee boat:


The crew chillaxing after the race….


Back at the dock.


Random mascot pulled by photographer Tammy A. Kannal – lol!  I mean, why not add a gorgeous Burmese Mountain dog to the mix?


Back to the NYYC….


Another night of beautiful sunsets, rolling down hills, and messing with Horse-Shoe Crabs.  Only to find they are really mating. 

Doing my job - lol!

Doing my job – lol!

Guy Time

Guy Time

Horse-shoe crabs …mating!

x 04

x 06

Tent Hoopla

Tent Hoopla

More tent hoopla

More tent hoopla


New York Yacht Club (Newport, Rhode Island)
15/06/2015, 11:10
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Although our 2nd day of racing provided some more really fun pictures, and taught me how deck beaters (padded pants) can save lives, this post is all about the New York Yacht Clubs front lawn! (Be sure to scroll to the very end of this post!)

Ready for Round 2 of racing (Saturday):

At the yacht club for dinner!

The Tamwich Team before the Tamwich was even invented.  

One legendary hill.

Another legend of a picture!

Eating dinner as Tom gets geared up to execute the Tamwich….

Beautiful views ….

Tom shows us how to cruise down the hill with a serving tray….

The famous hill in the dark.


Jake-in-the-box with a star like finish!


How to – in a dress – lol!

Tom taking Diana up too.  (With some dirty shorts!)

The other Tom’s landing. :)


1st Race 1st Place (Newport, Rhode Island)
14/06/2015, 12:39
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The first day of racing at the 161st New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta Presented by Rolex ended with victory for Leading Edge!





Bahama Rigging

Bahama Rigging














#Hashtag (Providence, Rhode Island)
13/06/2015, 13:46
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After meeting a really cool crew of sailors last Saturday, and randomly being invited on an entire weekend of sailing, I finally said yes and found myself inside this #Awesomeness.

And we also had some pretty entertaining commentary beginning with “#’s”.

So here it goes…

You know you are in sailors heaven when the airport (PVD) is stacked with sail boats.  :)

PVD Airport - Good sign!

PVD Airport – Good sign!

The crew I mostly just met, that I was about to find out is #awesome!


On the way to the house…  #hashtagoneverycoolkid

3-1506_z hastagonecoolkid

The house – 3 stories of awesomeness with a “Widow’s Walk” view of the bay in the family style kitchen/dining room.

(Yellow house are happy houses!)


The view from the Kitchen/Dining room:


Getting the boat ready…

1506_untitled_09 1506_untitled_10 1506_untitled_14

The gracious hosts


Warming up the bar (in the bottom of the house).


Family style dining the night before the 1st race:



Checking in for the race at the New York Yacht Club.  The man behind it all:


Getting clued in on NGMFs on the way back from West Marine.


Warming up the bar…


A picture of the guys, but the girls are in the mirror.


Ready for the 1st race!  now if I can just get my phone back in order – lol.

Surprise Surprise (IAH Airport)
11/06/2015, 12:17
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I was on the super shuttle this morning at 3:00am. 

Surprise Surprise.  

NYYC here I come. 

Game on.



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