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It may have started in Paris, but this is about a state-of-the-art pastry shop that I had the pleasure of experiencing in Brussels, Belgium, Aux Merveilleux de Fred.

The pictures below were taken outside of the retail store.  And I must say, half of the experience is on the outside of the building looking in.  This diamond of a find, not only has an amazing ability to craft fine pastries, but it has utilized the space so well, that the entire operation results in the finest of marketing.  I was intrigued, to say the least.  The line was out the door and around the corner.  I had no desire to eat the pastries they were making, as I had just had a very nice meal with my dear friend, ….but I could have stood there 30 minutes more watching the process, and admiring the crisp clean appearance and elegance of it all.

I mean, when did you last see a chandelier in a bakery, with a feeling like you just stepped into a red carpet situation?

A beautiful setting, where they all can take so much pride in their work.  Remarkable!

Aux Merveilleux de Fred - Brussels
Rue du Marché aux Herbes 7
1000 Brussels
Belgium Centre-Ville, Bruxelles, Grand-Place
+32 2 540 26 08 






Tram/Metro – Take 2! (or 3?)
25/11/2014, 19:52
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I found this train stop interesting…

With all the different foreign languages in “the heart of Europe”, this metro stop is called “Middle and South”, depending on which language you speak.

  • Midi = Middle
  • Zuid = South

More about the Tram/Metro:  http://tammytumbleweed.wordpress.com/2014/11/22/tram-in-brussels/





And yes, I do go to great lengths to brace myself so that I am not holding onto anything with my bare hands.


Artisans & Appetites (Belgium)
25/11/2014, 19:40
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Walking around Belgium with an appetite, can be dangerous…..

You might find yourself wanting to eat shoes, soaps (fruit shaped), tools and nougat bricks;)

DSC_3561 IMG_0836 IMG_0843 IMG_0845  DSC_3366

Horse Drawn Carriage Rides (Brugge, Belgium)
25/11/2014, 19:31
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I found this gentleman showing this young boy sites in Brugge captivating, and seeing the boy’s face alone, put me in the Christmas spirit.

39 Euros for an efficient 30-minute ride through Brugge is something I would highly suggest if you ever find yourself exploring this enchanting city!

More about Horse Drawn Carriage Rides in Brugge, Belgium:  https://bezoekers.brugge.be/en/bruges-by-horse-drawn-carriage


Welcoming Santa / Christmas Kick Off Festivities (Brugge, Belgium)
25/11/2014, 18:59
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Other than realizing I was seeing Brugge, Belgium for the first time at the best time of year, because:

1.  Phenomenally warm weather
2.  Amazing Fall Foliage at its peak
3.  Seeing the beginning of the Christmas decorations – in conjunction with the turning of the leaves

I also randomly learned about one of their annual Christmas celebrations. 

While waiting for our canal ride, we stood and watched crowds of people gather over the main bridge.  Then a parade/band started playing, and we enjoyed the music as they crossed the bridge.   We were wondering if a King and Queen, or something of the like, would be approaching shortly after the marching band, when a boat with many colors and waiving hands came through the canal way.  Ahhh, it was Santa!  The yearly tradition that begins the Christmas markets and festivities.  Unbelievable.  I felt very blessed, as I just thought I was going on a boat ride.  :)



Ice Skating (Brugge)
23/11/2014, 23:07
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The kids were so cute!

DSC_3455  DSC_3447


Water Whistles (Brugge)
23/11/2014, 22:46
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This craftsman was to die for – with quite the sense of humor, and I had to partake in his handmade water whistle blowing.  If you could have only been a fly on the wall while he taught me how to blow – lol!

Love love love the Venice of the North!


DSC_3546  DSC_3548





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