The Sanibel Stoop
12/09/2014, 00:21
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The Sanibel Stoop was on steroids, when a random fellow Houstonian gave us a tutorial on finding sand dollars.

More about The Stoop: http://sunnydayguide.com/sanibel-captiva/article?edit_id=10

…It’s a Position!




Tamiami Trl
11/09/2014, 14:22
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Another trail named after my own heart….

LOL – I can’t believe this.  I had to see it.  I was called Tamiami when I was little, in small town Hartville, Ohio.  Who would have known there are 2 different streets (Trail & Ave.) named “Tamiami” in SW Florida?


DSC_1621 II w

11/09/2014, 07:28
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 In case you are still waiting on your postcard of Sanibel, Florida….

DSC_1616 - II w

Hey, I didn’t have a stamp!

Summer in Provence
10/09/2014, 04:33
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Situated on France’s southeast coast, Provence is known for its fresh and flavorful cuisine that takes cues from its Italian, Spanish and Greek neighbors. Celebrate summer with the Summer in Provenceclass at Sur la Table in Houston, TX (River Oaks).

Incorporate Provence’s frequent use of olive oil, fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs into your culinary repertoire and make a great date night!



Tumbleweed Trl
08/09/2014, 21:09
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Fredericksburg, Texas also has a road named “Tumbleweed”.  Love it!

DSC_1606 - tammy and sign

DSC_1595 - tumbleweed trl

A Sunset Morning
08/09/2014, 00:34
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I loved the breakfast at Sunset Grill in Fredericksburg, TX so much, that I asked them if they wanted to move the establishment to Houston. They weren’t keen.

With entree names inspired by California, I’m not surprised these dishes were on the healthy side and ‘Tammy Style’.

I recommend 2 omelets and a side of fruit instead of the home fries:

1. The Señorita
2. The California

They also had a pretty fantastic quote on the black board at the bar:

be yourself, because everyone else is taken.

902 S. Adams Street
Fredericksburg, TX

More about The Sunset Grill:


Rated very well on Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor as well.


Chocolate Covered Bananas
07/09/2014, 21:06
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Little did I know, I would also find a Tammy favorite at Fredericksburg Fudge.

And plenty of references to my favorite episode of I Love Lucy. :)




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