“Look kids, Big Ben!”
26/12/2013, 00:31
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This quote is only so amusing unless you

1. Recall Chevy Chase in European Vacation, saying this repeatedly to his children, and
2. Recall one of your best friends in High School, right after getting her driver’s license, not being able to drive off a turn about in downtown Canton, Ohio while we exclaimed, “Look kids, Big Ben!”

Big Ben

Big Ben

The light shines in the darkness
25/12/2013, 19:24
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And the light shined in the darkness this Christmas, in London.

Finding a candlelight service on the fly, can be difficult. A person’s understanding of what a candlelight service entails can be misunderstood between protestant and catholic faiths.
Never the less, we were able to make it happen.

We heard a great message at St. Paul’s, about how some are prepared for Christmas and some are not. Some have fears and some have hopes.
In the end, the pastor reminded us God does not stay in the stable, he walks with us every day, transforming us, our worries and our fears that we may have peace.

Watching children light their candles in the darkness with their parents was beautiful.

Happy Christmas to all!

St. Paul’s Church
St. Stephens Road
London E3 5JL


A Hippo for Christmas
25/12/2013, 15:06
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I did get a Hippo for Christmas!

If you know anything about me, you know I love ….

Gayla Peevey’s song entitled, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCAWkdgbt8g

And, well, I found one at Harrod’s of Knightsbridge.

Within a 5 acre sight and over 1 million sq. feet of retail selling space, including more than 330 departments, I found my Hippo.  Love him!


About my 2012 Christmas Hippo:  http://tammytumbleweed.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/i-did-get-a-hippo-for-christmas/

A Hippo for Christmas

A Hippo for Christmas

Harrods Store Guide:  http://www.harrods.com/content/the-store/store-guide/

Harrods - Quite possibly the best Xmas Shopping Available.  ;)

Harrods – Quite possibly the best Xmas Shopping Available. ;)

And what shopping mall would be complete without Disney?

Disney at Harrodshttp://www.harrods.com/content/misc/boutiques/disney



And the Bobbies found me – ha!

The British police are referred to as “Bobbies” and peelers, because Sir Robert Peel introduced the legislation that established the police force in 1829.


The “perfect drink” or the “perfect bite”?
24/12/2013, 20:09
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As I was waiting for a friend in White Chapel, I stumbled upon a very happening Punjabi restaurant.  Realizing they served Naan, and previously being lectured by a dear Indian friend on how much I needed to try it, I was quickly seated.

When I asked for a beer list, I was quickly informed they do not serve liquor.  Oh yes, I am in Europe again, and this is a B.Y.O.B.  ‘Shoot’, I thought, as I just arrived and I didn’t recall passing a liquor store anywhere in proximity.  This is when I was presented with the “perfect drink”.

Two very hospitable Londoners handed me a Kronenbourg.   La Premiere Biere Francaise.
I sighed with relief.  They also then suggested I start with the lamb chops which were fantastic.

I eventually tried Garlic, Plain and the sweet Peshwari Naan.  And perfected “the perfect bite”.  Tammy’s perfect bites are the most thoughtful ratios of meat, bread, vegetables and condiments, and are often spoken of afterward with, “That is the perfect bite.”  You have not eaten unless you have perfected the perfect bites.

So after finishing this fine assortment of food and sitting back to relax with my friend, I sat in appreciation of the giving Londoners, and thought, “Was that the perfect bite or the perfect drink?”

I think it may have been both.  La vie est belle.

83-89 Fieldgate Street
London E1 1JU


Hospitable Londoners - Save the day with Biere Francais

Hospitable Londoners – Save the day with Biere Francais

The perfect drink

The perfect drink



Champagne for the Campaign
08/12/2013, 04:05
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Carl’s is quite the restaurant for burgers and steaks and everything from scratch, including southern style home cooked meals. Started in honor of the man who may have started Recreational Skiing. Carl Howelson came to the US from Norway and in 1912 he started the 1st winter carnival in Steamboat. It’s the oldest running winter carnival west of the Mississippi and it just had its 100 year anniversary.

In any case, Carl taught people how to ski for no money at all, and the restaurant named after him on the corner of Yampa and 7th, is pretty fantastic.

Watching the Ohio State game. About to hit Strawberry Hot Springs … Or maybe some Champagne powder in the am. ;)


Hanging on to my hat – Amazing Jay Leno interview
06/12/2013, 07:23
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One amazing woman.

Check this video out:  http://www.faithit.com/100-year-old-lady-talks-about-love-long-life/

Words to Live by

Words to Live by

Nederland, or Mother Gooseland?
01/12/2013, 16:55
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After celebrating Thanksgiving at the German Black Forest Restaurant in Nederland, Colorado (http://www.blackforestrestaurant.net/), I visited the Carousel of Happiness (http://www.carouselofhappiness.org/).

Some people eat Turkey for Thanksgiving, I ride geese!


(The peacock was taken.)

(The peacock was taken.)


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